The Aristata Story 

The name Aristata stems from the scientific name of one sub-species of Bristlecone Pine tree, Pinus Aristata. Bristlecone Pines are known for their longevity and resilience, the oldest known individual is estimated to be over 2,480 years old. Like the Pinus Aristata tree, we plan to stand the test of time for you and your family’s financial life. We are fully vested in our client’s financial wellness and we will remain so, generation after generation.


Our experienced team understands the oversight required to intelligently invest significant assets. As your partner, we create solutions using our expertise and intellectual management approach. For decades we’ve offered individuals and institutions alike a higher degree of strategic thinking specifically designed to discover new opportunities and help you achieve the success you have envisioned. Our robust capabilities cover all aspects of investment management, from investment research to strategy and financial planning. Everything you need to raise the bar when it comes to your financial affairs. We offer an array of personalized investment services, support and guidance that allows us to make a positive difference and become your personal Chief Financial Officer.

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