More money means more complexity. You need a team of professionals focused on your needs. Aritstata can be a key piece of that plan. Here’s how we can help.


When you have worked hard to achieve a certain level of success it’s important to understand that privileges of success come with unique challenges in equal measure.  In other words, having a lot of wealth means dealing with extra layers of complexity.

Maybe you’re getting ready to retire with a large 401(k) and need to set up an income stream. Or your assets are scattered and you need to consolidate numerous accounts.

Maybe you’re trying to figure out the best way to pass your wealth on to the next generation or a charity.

We’re here to help you get your arms around it.

Transferring assets to the next generation can be tricky, while also maintaining family harmony.  Hosting a family meeting to get everyone on the same page is vital to your legacy.  And it’s not just one meeting.  It’s a continuous conversation within your family as things change over time.

We also collaborate with attorneys and CPAs to make sure your estate plan is in place, and that everything is titled properly. You may need to set up a trust or a corporation.  We want to help ensure that any assets you’re passing on to family or charities is done in the most tax efficient way.  Your CPA , Attorney and Financial Advisor should all be working together to do the best job for you.

This collaboration is vital.  I’m often in the room for client meetings with accountants and attorneys to make sure everyone is rowing the boat in the same direction – always focused on your best interests.

We can also help you take advantage of investment opportunities that are not open to everyone – like  private equity or credit, hedge funds, and private real estate.

You worked hard to build your wealth and we want to help you protect it.  You can trust that we’re always going the extra mile for you.

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