Financial planning is all about reaching big goals in life – buying your dream house, traveling the world, retiring. And investing is the tool that can help you achieve those goals. We put a great deal of time, research, and care into how we manage your portfolio. Here’s a short video about how we do it.


At Aristata Financial we believe that to create the best possible investment strategy for you, we must first fully understand your Life Plan.  Then we can recommend a combination of different investment strategies to address your unique combination of goals and time frames. 

It’s easy to feel good about an investment strategy when it’s initially created.  It’s also easy to feel good about your strategy when all your accounts are performing well.  But it’s not as easy when some, or maybe even all, your accounts are not performing well IF you did not know up front what to expect.  That’s why we consult with you in depth and quantify the investment risk for each account- so we’re all on the same page, speaking the same language, and you KNOW what to expect.

It’s a well-known fact that emotions have no place in investing.  But many investors have made huge investment mistakes based on emotional reactions during periods of poor market performance.  When you know what to expect from your investments, anxiety is significantly lower, and with our guidance, it can be much easier for you to set emotions aside that can lead to irrational decisions.

You can also have confidence that each of our investment strategies are created by conducting extensive research to find what we believe to be some of the best investments available.  We then combine these investments into strategies designed to maximize risk-adjusted returns, and make adjustments based a variety of factors, such as relative market valuations and expected changes in interest rates.  Additionally, we seek to have our strategies analyzed periodically by some of the biggest investment firms in the world so that we aren’t the only eyes looking for weak spots.  The goal of this analysis is to help us design strategies that are as efficient as possible.

Financial planning is about much more than money – it’s about what money can do for you. Let’s talk about your goals, and how we can help you achieve them.

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